Shiver in the River: A Benefit for the James River

What is there to do during the winter, really? The holidays are over, friends and family members have settled back into their weekly routines and Spring is but a distant memory that we think fondly about when we step out into the 30 – 40 degree weather.

This Saturday, get out of the house and give back to the community by helping clean up the James River. Shiver in the River is part fundraiser and part daredevil challenge. Participants register online and work towards gathering sponsors for their own personal fundraising goals- whether it’s simply helping with the clean-up or taking a plunge in the river.

The event starts at 12:00 pm near the Historic Tredegar Iron Works. The clean-up is a “hands-on” educational opportunity that is meant to raise awareness of the effects of litter on the river, it’s animals and natural foliage. The plunge will take place around 1:30 pm. Fundraisers participating, will jump into a portion of the James to help benefit Keep Virginia Beautiful. Before and after the event, there will be a winter festival, complete with warm drinks, plenty of food, live music and heated tents- oh la la!

Register today and help make a difference.

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