International Film Festival

Everyone loves a good film festival, right? It gives you an excuse to drink coffee all day, wear a beret and carry around a notepad so you can takes “notes”. Actually, it’s a fantastic way to network with people from all around the globe and to see what topics are particularly poignant in various countries.

The Richmond International Film Festival (RIFF) is a 4 day event featuring more than 120 films from 25 countries, including shorts, music videos and screenplays. The festival itself is spread across 3 venues: The Criterion Theater at the Bowtie Cinemas, The Virginia Historical Society and the Byrd Theater. Tickets start at $10 for individual movie categories. A one day pass is $35.

The festival starts this Thursday, February 26th and runs to Sunday, March 1st, concluding with a red carpet awards ceremonyCheck for information about the films, showtimes and screening locations.

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